Foto: the talented Mathijs Hanenkamp

Foto: the talented Mathijs Hanenkamp

About me


Hi there, welcome to my website!

I’m Mario, I’m a storyteller, a photographer, a film maker, a teacher, a romantic, a dreamer, a dancer, an introvert, an extrovert, a rationalist, a believer, an artist, an adventurer, a daredevil, a coward, a master plan, a mess

I am

a human like you

If you somehow made it this far and ended up on my website, it may mean that you and me have more things in common than you think. Even though I’m a half Latin-American (born in Guatemala) and half Dutch photographer (almost 10 years living in the Netherlands). I don’t believe concepts that separate us like nationalities, colour, social class or gender.

Instead, I believe in things that unite us as humans. I believe in love, freedom, compassion, creativity, curiosity and kindness. Besides these good things in life, I also believe there’s beauty to be found in the less positive aspects of life like self doubt, discomfort, anger, solitude and sadness. After all, these are the things that make us real.

About my style

The work I do is a reflection of who I am. It’s the beginning and the end of my days. It’s born from a place of introspection, warmth, emotion, intensity and openness. It’s the product of a love and hate relation with myself, the consequence of self-doubt, a door into my soul and the way I see life.  It is an invitation to connect with others through its rawness and realness. My photography work is my sincere attempt to talk to you through my own vulnerability. I believe, from deep in my heart, that daring to show who I really am, is the only way I can find others and connect with them.

If my work somehow resonates with you, if it makes you feel something, then I have done something with my life. If you let me know my work means something to you, if you feel in any way touched by it, then I will give you my everything and I will pour all my love into the things I make for you. After all, this, my art, what I do, is all I really have and is my present to you.